*** Winner of Architecture Competition 2001

Project under construction​​​​​​​
Area size 43,000 sqm

Collaboration with Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

The project of the Kibbutzim College is located at the Northern entrance of the city of Tel Aviv.
It includes new schools for education, innovation studies, dance and movement, theatre, and arts. 
The architects' vision was to keep the spirit of the existing college. 
The concept keeps the feel of a Kibbutz in the city, introducing a lot of green open-air spaces throughout the project.
The new design proposes expansion of the green areas by creating three accessible ground floor levels, that encapsulate most of the college activity. 
The new campus buildings define the campus borders, while providing acoustic protection and privacy from Namir Road in the east and the nearby residential towers in the west.
The college grounds open up to a beautiful avenue of eucalyptus trees in the north and merge with the park in the south.
Hovering above ground, the innovation center serves as the heart of the college, connecting its various buildings.
The design intends to amplify informal encounters among the students and encourage spontaneous and planned activities and interactions.
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