Project in Progress​​​​​​​
Area 15,800 sqm

The plan for a new wayside inn, a khan, at the Arava desert becomes a crossway, a place of rest and replenishment.
The inn is integrated into the local cycling trails and functions as a regional information center and a source of attraction for the desert tourism and recreation. The building blends in with the desert landscape, in its shape, color and texture, and is being observed from a distance along the route from Dimona and the Arava road, allowing views to and from the desert.
The building’s morphological characteristics and the orientation of its facades respond to the unique climatic and environmental conditions of the region.
A Self-shadowing, lattice work and ventilated, yet protective patio create internal microclimate on the hotel floor, which has become the heart of the project. Area in total 15,800 sqm Public outdoor space 12,000 sqm Commercial 1900 sqm Hotel 1900 sqm.
חאן מדברי בערבה, תכנית סביבה. מורן פלמוני אדריכלים
חאן מדברי בערבה, תכנית. מורן פלמוני אדריכלים
חאן מדברי בערבה, חזיתות. מורן פלמוני אדריכלים
חאן מדברי בערבה, חתכים. מורן פלמוני אדריכלים
חאן מדברי בערבה, פרטים. מורן פלמוני אדריכלים
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